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***James Bond Jr animation cels***
James and IQ in James' red sports car Will Give Kidney
On the look out for ANY cels from this series! Will trade almost any of my collection for good IQ cels. Will Give Kidney
This exact cel Will Give Kidney
This opening cel. Will Give Kidney
A cel from this sequence is my ultimate Jean cel! Will Give Kidney
Any cel from Nadia omake 8. Heck *all* cels from Nadia omake 8! Will trade some of my very best Nadia cels for a good one. Will Give Kidney
Any cel from this scene. Will Give Kidney
Nadia performing her circus routine. Will Give Kidney
Super deformed Nadia and Jean. Any cel. Will Give Kidney
This cel of Jean would be a dream but any good cel from this sequence will be very welcome indeed :-) Will Give Kidney
This is a close second to my ultimate Jean cel. Any cel from this sequence. Even the back of head shot as he turns away. Will Give Kidney
Ultimate Nadia wishlist. I'll fight hard for this when the time comes... Will Give Kidney
Any on model cel of Jean clearly working on his inventions or posing with a tool. I think this scene looks neat. Very High
Any on model mono tone cel of Jean. Very High
The only Electra cel I'm actively seeking, but gosh, it's a good one. Very High
I'm looking for a good cel of each of Nadia's costumes ^-^ I'm also after at least one good cel of each of the main cast in Blue Water! High
I'm holding out on buying from this beloved film untill I find this cel! Will Give Kidney
This cel of Katy High

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